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Other information

Other information:

we do design
Hadassah Neurim Youth Aliyah Village
PO 1674
Beit Yanai, 4029800 

Tel: + 972 9 9567188
  + 972 9 9517188
Fax: + 972 9 9567188
Sagit Guy:   + 972 54 5401080 sagit@wedodesign.co.il
Smadar Yeger   + 972 54 4407114 smadar@wedodesign.co.il

we do identity

We take the technical elements of a brand; name, slogan, shape, color and composition – and create a calling card that embodies the spirit of your company.

we do web

We create for you a virtual space that expands your business; end-user websites, Facebook pages, web banners, mini-sites, mobile applications and more.

we do magazine

We use our expertise to extend your brand; developing creative, on-message, powerful print materials.

we do for our clients

Our job is to translate the spirit and vision of our customers into successful marketing and sales materials providing print and electronic solutions over time.